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OneClayton Community Resource Guide for Clayton County

ONEClayton Community Resource Guide (OCCRG) Không có trò chơi mãis a comprehensive listing of programs and services available to the Clayton County community. This website helps families identify and access resources, programs, and services. The OCCRG also serves as a resource document for Department of Family And Children (DFACS) workers, community leaders, policemen, and program managers,etc.

Không có trò chơi mãThe website offers nearly 200 resources for Clayton resident’s in the areas of:

  • Career and Employment
  • Child Welfare
  • Crisis Intervention and Safety
  • Education
  • Eldercare
  • Food and Clothing
  • Healthcare
    • Health Insurance
  • Housing
  • Veterans

Không có trò chơi mãThe website resource guide is available at

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